Terms and Laws of How to Play Poker

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The following are some of the terms that are often used in playing poker online terpercaya and of course there are also practices / procedures for playing poker that should be known first, namely:

  • Dealer: the person in charge of dealing cards and if at the casino, the dealer receives a commission from each round of cards dealt to the player. The dealer is not a dealer and is only tasked with serving poker games between players.
  • Pot: the place where poker players place their betting chips. Usually the position of the pot is determined in the middle of the game table so that it can be seen by all Poker139 players.
  • Chip: substitution of money used in betting with the same value as the prevailing currency. Each player must have a minimum of chips to be able to participate in the poker game table.
  • Community Cards: the position of cards arranged in the middle of the game table and distributed by the dealer in an open / prominent card position. Community Cards (social group cards) are cards that can be combined by all players.

Every online poker Poker139 player or at the casino has the same opportunity in determining the steps or strategy in playing. The following are the steps / actions or laws that are allowed, namely:

  • Check: if there is no value bet that has worked then this action allows a player to do nothing and pass (pass) the next player.
  • Call: when the value of the bet has been determined and is running, the Poker139 player performs a call action to copy the value of the bet by placing his betting chip in the pot.
  • Raise: if the bet has run, the player has the right to take a raise to increase the amount of the bet. When a raise is taken, other players who do not have the same amount of bet value will be given a chance.
  • Fold: this action is applied if the Poker139 player is sure that he wants to give up or leave the game. By taking the act of folding means that all chips that have been bet will be considered lost.
  • All-in; run bets with all available chips. When a player runs All-In, the player has the right to imitate until the final round of the game.
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The above legal provisions apply to all types of poker games and this law also applies well in casinos or via online poker sites. At some poker tables there are laws such as setting the minimum bet value or minimum chip value that should be had when you want to join. So looking at things like that before playing poker is very important.