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Of course many of you are very familiar with the name of online ceme, right? Traditional games that can be played using dominoes are very exciting bets to be played with friends and relatives or can be enjoyed alone.

This game can be enjoyed easily now with the presence of Poker139, a website that provides online ceme gambling access services using real money that can be played quickly, easily, safely and also reliably of course. On this occasion, the admin will provide a lot of useful information about how to play online ceme gambling which will be very helpful and useful, especially for new players.

Before we get into the topic of discussion on how to play ceme gambling, make sure you first register and join Poker139, a trusted online ceme site to get the most maximum playing experience for sure. There is no fee for registration, aka FREE, so you certainly have nothing to lose, right?

This time Poker139 will provide a way to play online ceme for gambling players, especially those who are beginners so that it is easier when betting and can achieve big wins later. The best online ceme gambling provided by Poker139 is the best product from IDN PLAY or IDN Poker which is widely known as the largest and best provider of poker, ceme, domino and capsa gambling in the world.

This game can be played by up to 8 people where 1 person will be the dealer and 7 people will be the player. Regarding players who become dealers, it depends on the type of ceme gambling that members play because if you play ceme online, the dealer only has 1 person who remains, but for ceme around each player will take turns being a dealer.

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2 cards will be distributed each to the idnplay poker 99 online players and the dealer and the total value of each player will be calculated and the one with the highest number of card values, 9/19, will win. Each player at the table can peek at the cards that are dealt first to add to the tension like playing a real game at a foreign casino.

In this ceme idn poker gambling game, the player who gets the highest score of 9 will be the winner but there are some special conditions that must be known beforehand and only exist in this ceme gambling bet, namely:

If the dealer has a total number of 9 then the dealer is sure to win even though there are players who have the same value as well. If a player who has a value of 9 wins an odd number (1 person, 3 people, 5 people, or 7 people) then the dealer is obliged to pay 2x the bet amount. The calculation of the value of the card only looks at the last number (for example if the number of cards is worth 19 then it is considered to be 9).

Special Card Arrangements That Can Be Found From Ceme Online Gambling

In trusted online ceme gambling bets, there are several special card arrangements that will provide benefits in the form of additional prizes from Poker139 aka jackpots that can be obtained by each member who when betting buys a jackpot bonus, namely:

  • Six Gods This is the highest card combination in the game at Poker139’s biggest online dealer. To obtain this result, the sum of the cards from the player and the dealer must have a value of 6.
  • Twins/Balak From the name, it can be seen that for this card arrangement, the number of circles from the player and dealer must have the same number/twins on each card.
  • Purely Large For a combination of pure large cards, the sum of the domino values ​​owned must have the number of values ​​owned by the dealer and the player must have a total value between 39 to 41
  • Purely Small. And vice versa for this combination of small pure cards, the sum of the cards owned by the player and the dealer must not exceed the value 9.
  • Those are some special card values ​​that will be able to give you a big jackpot prize. But the question for those of you who play real money ceme gambling is, of course, how many prizes can you actually get when you get these bonuses?
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Calculation of the Large and Attractive IDN Ceme Gambling Bonus Amount

Poker139 is the best online ceme bookie that provides the maximum and largest number of ceme jackpot prizes compared to other similar gambling sites. But it must be underlined that players can only get this special karu bonus prize if they buy the jackpot feature when betting, boss.

The following is the number of winning prizes that Poker139 will pay for each jackpot prize obtained:

  • Six Gods x 666 The amount of your jackpot purchase will be multiplied by 666x if you manage to get 6 gods (eg buy a jackpot of Rp. 1000 x 666 = Rp. 666,000 jackpot prize)
  • Balak/Twin x 200 The jackpot prize will be multiplied by 200x the value of the jackpot purchase (eg. buy a jackpot of Rp. 1000 x 200 = Rp. 200,000 jackpot prize)
  • Pure Big x 50 When playing ceme gambling, deposit 10 thousand at Poker139 and get this bonus, members will get 20 times more (eg buy a jackpot of Rp. 1000 x 50 = Rp. 50,000 jackpot prize)
  • Pure Small x50 This bonus has the same payment value as the pure big boss, which is x50 from the bonus value purchased by the player