Calculation of the Winning Value on the Dominoqq Gambling Card

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The game on the domino qq site has a special card value or usually called the jackpot. Every player has the opportunity to get this jackpot prize, with a note that before the card distribution round begins, the idnplay pagcor online player must first buy a number of jackpot prices provided by the dominoqq agent. For the value itself consists of the lowest is 100 rupiah, 500 rupiah, and then the largest is 1,000 rupiah.

As for the arrangement of the jackpot cards in the dominoqq gambling game itself, it is as follows:

  • Six Dewa / 6666 BandarQQ On 28 cards there will only be 4 cards with a point value of 6, so it can be said that it is very difficult to get the card. Where to make this card as a jackpot prize with the highest value, namely the payment will be multiplied by 6666. Domino99
  • Balak / Twin Cards There are 7 card widths with twin values, namely on each side the top and bottom have the same value. This arrangement of cards is the 2nd highest and no other player will have the same suit. So only a six god card can beat this four log card. The payment value will be x 200 from the total jackpot value purchased.
  • Pure Big DominoQQ To get the jackpot from the pure big, the 4 player cards must total from 40 to 43 the largest. If the card reaches this total then it succeeds in getting the third order jackpot, and in order to beat this card, you must use 6666 or four log cards. The payout will be multiplied up to 50 of the jackpot purchase amount.
  • Pure Small Qiu Qiu This card is the lowest jackpot value, where the four cards obtained by the player must be under ten, which is exactly nine. Pure small cards will be considered valid if the value of the card starts from five to nine. The payout from a small pure jackpot is multiplied by 50 times the amount that was purchased at the jackpot.
  • NB: all players are entitled and have the opportunity to get a jackpot card along with the prize, but it is necessary to remember to get this prize players must buy the jackpot value available at the bottom left. If the member does not buy the jackpot and the arrangement of cards obtained between one of the jackpots above, then they will not be given a prize payment and will only win the bet from the pot.
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How to Count Dominoqq Cards Online

Each card is divided into two sides called the top and bottom, for the card at the top consists of 0 to 6 points and vice versa. So there will be seven cards 0/0 to 0/6, then there are six cards 1/6 to 1/6, then five cards 2/2 to 2/6, and four cards 3/3 to 3/6, followed three cards 4/4 to 4/6, then 2 cards 5/5 and 5/6, and 1 good log card that is 6/6.

The calculation is that each card will only take the highest value of nine, if your card is 6/6 and 5/6 then it is calculated as a total value of 3. Because what is counted is only the last number of tens, so it will be followed according to the value of the card. players earn. So it’s not difficult to play real money online dominoqq gambling, if you’ve read the guide on how to play that we share.