A Guide To How To Play Poker Betting For Beginners

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Poker is a type of card game that combines the ability of strategy, skill and patience. All types of betting games involve real money as part of the game. The game has progressed since the beginning of the 20th century and has changed. In the past, poker as a mere entertainment has now become a very popular game both for spectators and for players.

The game of poker agen dominoqq terpercaya is usually played with a set of 52 cards and 4 of a kind being common. Aces are usually used as high value cards but can sometimes be used as low value cards. Poker is a development of the game that we used to know as Texas holdem poker.

Poker Game Calculation

Royal Flush

(The 10, jack, queen, king, and ace cards are all one of a kind). The highest value because it is the most surprising if it is obtained. One common thought is that this card combination is the most difficult to get than the other five similar cards.

Straight Flush

Combination for 5 types of cards of the same suit and in sequence with their value. A straight flush is a combination of a straight and a flush. cards must be 1 color and in order like a ladder (straight)

Four of a Kind

(Four cards of the same number and one card of any kind)

Full House

(Three cards with the same number and two cards with the same number) for the same card combination. Full House, which is stronger is determined by a card that has a higher value than three cards that have the same number.

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(Five cards of the same suit) – any number doesn’t matter.


(Five cards must match consecutive numbers, different suits) – must not have a king card and a two card at the same time (eg JQKA-2).

Three of a Kind

(Three cards with the same number, two other cards with different numbers) – if the other two cards have the same number, it will be a Full House.

Two Pair

(Two pairs of cards with the same number plus one card with different numbers but with the same number).

One Pair

(Two cards with the same number and 3 cards with different numbers).

High Card

(The value of the card itself can be a sequence of cards as well as an image on a poker card)

Tips And How To Play Poker

Poker games basically combine the poker cards that are seen on the table and the cards that we have ourselves. For the highest combination card value, he is the one who wins the bet. The combination itself consists of 5 cards that come from their own cards and the cards that appear on the table.

The point is that Poker139 players will compete for the biggest card with a combination of 5 cards. For players who are used to it, the first 3 cards will win. And in the distribution of the second card, the 4th card and for the last distribution, namely the 5th card. For the distribution of the 4th and 5th cards, it will only add up to 5 card combinations.

I recommend not playing on poker sites that use robots because it gives you a win at the beginning of the game. After a while your money will be sucked out little by little. Try playing Poker139 in a private room containing your friends.


The robot will lure you to bet with a larger nominal in the next game. So for that you have to stop if you have won. If there is no chance of winning, stop playing Poker139 first and wait for the right time to start the game again.

In football betting games, there are many other types of games. Examples of games that are widely played are football betting exchanges, live casinos or lottery games. Various game variations are given by the best gambling agents to make players not bored in playing Poker139. Until here, we wrote this article first and greetings to my boss.